The IMOS Foundation is an arts charity that was begun privately by Briony Kapoor. The charity’s work may be viewed on the IMOS Foundation Projects pages. Following the success of the mural painting project in New Romney the IMOS Foundation applied for and was granted charitable status in February 2012. It is now Registered under Number 1146047. Briony Kapoor is one of the Trustees and serves as Creative Director of the charity.

Briony Kapoor - The IMOS Foundation

We hope to improve the human and urban environment with our art projects. The aim is to provide national and international level attractions on the Romney Marsh, to offer an education in the arts, to allow gifted and as yet undiscovered artists to display their work in public, to show what can be achieved with not much but an ambitious vision, to involve all social groups in the arts and to develop a co-operation with other countries especially in the EU.

The wider aim, apart from the benefit to the artists involved and the enjoyment of the visiting public, is the encouragement of an expression of human experience by cultural interaction. In art there is a depiction of human emotion, of meaning and of shared ideals. This amounts to the common basis of our humanity. Art helps to increase tolerance and to foster understanding. In turn that helps to diminish the fear, ignorance and cruelty that are responsible for so much human suffering.

Our Mission

We believe that art improves lives, offers direction and brings joy. It follows that there can never be enough. We not only exist in a world of endless creativity but can participate ourselves in many ways and at all times.


Beverley Baldwin, Freda Copeland, Carol Dixon, Hazel Eddy, Derek Griffiths, Jenni Gurner, Lorraine Harrison, Nicki Godfrey Jones, Michel La Rue, Margaret Mace, Silvia Mills, Paula Marie Naylor, Sue Owens, Helen Sanderson, Charlotte Watkinson.


Paul Barnes

Art Maintenance:

Kim Vivian.


Craig Beatty, Bowsa, Lief Bruylant, Dan Davidson, Louise V. Durham, Susan Edwards, Ken Fisher, Victoria and Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, David Fowler, Michael Frith, Phil Gee, Louise Goddard, Phillippa, Terry and Emily Goddard, Daryl Haines, Minhal Al Halabi, Clare Haward, Yolanda and John Houston, Briony Kapoor, Li Kezhao, Robert Koenig, Paula MacArthur, Ramzi Mallat, James Marsh, Nick Martin, Harvey Mayson, Rosie O’ Driscoll, Ryan Kai Orme, Brian Oxley, Robert Powell, Elaine and Maria Priestley, Sue Randle, Nicola Ravenscroft, Clive and Lindsay Soord, Alison Stump, Dee Taylor, Robert Truscott, Juri Vavulin, Dirk de Vries, Elizabeth Weckes, Dan Whiteson, Silas Willis, Bernice Wilson.


Derek Griffiths, Michel La Rue, Colin McGinn, Briony Kapoor, Lee Robinson, David Wilkinson.


Janice Elsom, Sophia Falkiner, Briony Kapoor, Gavin Macdonald and Ramzi Mallat.